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VoxPop Games Streamer Spotlight: Supherbyus

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Hey Everyone!

I’m back to highlight another great member of our community, this week we have John, otherwise known as Supherbyus! John is a partnered VoxPop streamer who streams a variety of games on his Twitch channel. John is based in the East Coast of the United States, and considers himself an “old time gaming geek”.

We got to learn more about John through a few simple questions I got to ask him. John is one of the most relaxed content creators I’ve ever met. He simply streams for the love of gaming and meeting new people. In response to the question “what are some of your goals as a streamer?” He responded with:

“I don’t have any kinda goals for blowing up a channel or anything, but if I can bring some attention to a game that I’m just in love with, by a great indie dev, that’s really what I want to do with streaming. As well as making friends, playing games with people, that’s always a good time too”.

I think John does a great job of showing what gaming is all about. Having fun with friends and appreciating the art form of games in of themselves. John's passion and love for Indie Games makes me want to go boot up a game myself. There are so many games and streamers that can just get buried in the noise, but John is doing his best to make sure that those games, and those people get the love they deserve.

Make sure you follow John on Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter!

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