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SaturdayCon Panel 2022 - VoxPop Games & The Future of Indie Gaming

Hey all, Marc here.

Just wanted to double-back & share our January 2022 panel discussion via SATURDAY AM's "SATURDAYCON 2022" event

The ultimate get together for indie artists, game devs, toys, and animators. January 15 - January 16

SATURDAY CON IS THE ULTIMATE EVENT FOR ALL THINGS SATURDAY AM and you're about to join the biggest Saturday of 2022!

EVENT will be held from Whether you love ANIME, MANGA, GAMES, or TOYS -- THIS IS THE EVENT for YOU!

ALL STAR GUESTS including Executives from TAPAS MEDIA and TOKYOPOP; icons from HIP HOP and COSPLAY; and our own amazing ARTISTS like WHYT MANGA and JEYODIN.

Here are the Panel Details & VOD of the Discussion:

ENJOY & Let us know what you think in the comments...

Sunday January 16th, 1:15pm EST

"There are MANY INCREDIBLE Independent VIDEOGAMES out now from Console to PC and Mobile to CCG. As technology has improved, we expect to see extraordinarily good looking games that offer experiences that rival PLAYSTATION 5. Saturday AM appeared in FLICK SOLITAIRE in 2021 and this panel explores that experience as well as debuting new content from game makers like LILITH GAMES (makers of AFK ARENA) as well as VoxPop Games. Welcome guests Ian Masters (Flick Games) and VoxPop Games co-founders, Charles Yu & Marc Anthony Rodriguez."

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