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  • “What is a “middleware” tool?”
    Basically, it means that VoxPop provides services to developers making software. VoxPop is a powerful recruiting and financial tool for them, and they can use it to assemble and manage the team they need to finish their games.
  • “Can I sign-up to be a collaborator?"
    Of course! VoxPop is partnering with many universities, including Bradley University, Stony Brook University and Marist College, to help students find work as a career development tool. Finding and taking some ownership in the projects here on VoxPop is a great way to build your portfolio and working experience for a career in the games industry.
  • “How complete does my game have to be before looking for help on VoxPop?”
    While the VoxPop platform is in beta, we are ideally targeting games that are 7-9 months away from their intended release date. However, once our beta is complete and the full version of the platform is here, we’re opening the doors to everyone! Even if your game is just an idea, we can help make it a reality here.
  • “How are collaborators paid on the VoxPop platform?”
    VoxPop allows game developers to assign revenue shares to their collaborators. So, in other words, if you own a 20% share in a game’s revenue, then once it is released, you’ll be entitled to 1/5 of all the games sales. So, if the game hits it big, so will you! All of this is guaranteed through VoxPop’s automated services, so you know you’ll be getting your fair share on time and without interference from any dishonest actors.
  • “How many contractors can work on my game at once?”
    There is no hard limit on the number of collaborators who can work on a project, but VoxPop does enforce one rule: you can’t promise away more than 100% of your games’ revenue shares. This means that practically speaking, there will come a point where project leaders can no longer work with additional team members on a profit sharing basis.
  • “How is my equity in a game determined?”
    Deals are reached between developers and collaborators on a per project basis. So you’ll have time to negotiate with the developers before signing any deal.
  • Who is the Streamer for VoxPop?
    VoxPop would like to partner with amazingly talented small to mid-size streamers - the kind who may typically have trouble monetizing their channels, but have audiences in the low 10 to 100K. Since we are not paying them directly, but rather by VoxPop targeted profit sharing commission, we can partner with a large number of these influencers all at once. Streaming channels with influential channels are finding a space to be more likely to be playing independent games as well for exposure. It should be noted that playing independent games is not actually a prerequisite to being a successful streamer partner for VoxPop.
  • “What are the benefits of bringing my talent to VoxPop instead of other contracting websites such as Fiverr?”
    Only VoxPop allows collaborators to negotiate for revenue shares, which allow you to take some ownership in the project, without barring you from negotiating directly for additional compensation. In other words, if the project becomes successful, you’ll stand to earn much more overall than you will on other platforms. As well, because VoxPop is specialized in gaming, as opposed to offering contract work in general, you’ll be able to build your portfolio and rolodex more effectively for further work in the games industry, should that be a goal for you.
  • “How many projects can I work on at a time?”
    There is no hard limit on the number of projects that you can be involved with. However, do note that most project leaders will ask for time or material obligations, and failing to meet those obligations may constitute a breach of contract.
  • “Who can I bring any issues I am having with my developer to in the case of an emergency?”
    In the case of an emergency, we encourage everyone to reach out to VoxPop Support, and we’ll do everything that we can to help mediate any disagreements. However, do note that as agreements are reached between collaborators and developers directly, we may not be able to provide legal counsel in the event of a dispute.
  • “Why do I need download this platform?”
    VoxPop will attempt to be the primary platform that will let developers attempt to recoup their dev budgets - passively. By hosting a VoxPop platform indie game on your PC, you will get paid every single time someone pulls even part of a file from your computer. Recommend a few games or get a friend on board and you’ll stand to potentially make even more. While we aren’t saying that non-influencers can make a living this way, it will certainly help you purchase a few more indie titles, here and there on the VoxPop platform.
  • “Are there any exclusive games on the platform?”
    VoxPop has two levels of exclusivity: full exclusives, and "Made for VoxPop" titles. Full Exclusives can only be found on VoxPop, and nowhere else! "Made for VoxPop" games on the other hand might be found elsewhere, but contain exclusive content such as skins or levels. For many of these games, 100% of the profit from each sale goes to the developer and the users who support them. If you care about supporting indies, these are the games to check out!
  • How does purchasing from VoxPop differ from other platforms?
    At its core, VoxPop is about supporting independent developers and other content creators. VoxPop devs get more of each sale, and a further percentage of each sale is immediately distributed to fellow users who helped support the sale, whether through seeding or recommendations. Unfortunately, that means that while we are in the developing / testing phase, we simply do not have the resources at this time to provide refunds. Currently, all sales on VoxPop are final barring major issues such as the wrong file being delivered.
  • “How does VoxPop control the funding from games?”
    Generally, VoxPop needs to have application control over the game in order for the profit sharing to work. To do this, VoxPop will act as a publisher for the game, and will not only assist in the applications process for the game, but also provide support for the game’s release to make sure that it is a success.
  • “What happens if the project is abandoned in the middle of development?”
    If a project leader abandons the project, any stakeholder may initiate a vote of succession, in order to appoint a new project leader. This will require votes from stakeholders representing a 2/3s majority of shares, not counting the shares of the old project leader should they fail to participate in the vote. Alternatively, stakeholders may opt for a vote of no confidence to have the project official close. A vote of no confidence only requires a simple majority. In any case, abandonment by the developer likely qualifies as a breach of contract under VoxPop’s standard agreement, and may subject the developer to additional penalties based on the specific agreements they have reached with collaborators.
  • “What percentage of each sale will VoxPop take?”
    VoxPop will take a 5% share in projects using its services.
  • “How is VoxPop different from other contracting websites such as Fiverr?”
    ‌The fundamental problem of game design is that development is a huge financial risk. Taking on a game project means years of burning cash before you have any chance of making some of it back. It’s why even big studios sometimes have to shutter their doors after one failed project. VoxPop helps you unload some of that risk from the start of your project to the end of it, by hiring collaborators on a profit-sharing basis. In essence, instead of having to have all your cash up front to pay them, you can compensate them with a share of the cash you make at the end instead.
  • “How do I find the people to connect with through VoxPop?”
    That’s the best part – you won’t have to! VoxPop will do the legwork of gathering qualified collaborators interested in working on the platform and bring them to you! Once we find collaborators you like, we’ll even help you through the negotiation process to try and get the best deal possible for you
  • “Is there a limit to the amount of people I can work on a game with through VoxPop?”
    No. Kind of. See, while VoxPop does not enforce a specific limit on partners, it does not allow you to promise away more than 100% of your game’s revenue to other parties. This means that practically speaking, there will come a point where you can no longer work with additional team members on a profit-sharing basis.
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