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  • “Why do I need download this platform?”
    VoxPop will attempt to be the primary platform that will let developers attempt to recoup their dev budgets - passively. By hosting a VoxPop platform indie game on your PC, you will get paid every single time someone pulls even part of a file from your computer. Recommend a few games or get a friend on board and you’ll stand to potentially make even more. While we aren’t saying that non-influencers can make a living this way, it will certainly help you purchase a few more indie titles, here and there on the VoxPop platform.
  • “Are there any exclusive games on the platform?”
    VoxPop has two levels of exclusivity: full exclusives, and "Made for VoxPop" titles. Full Exclusives can only be found on VoxPop, and nowhere else! "Made for VoxPop" games on the other hand might be found elsewhere, but contain exclusive content such as skins or levels. For many of these games, 100% of the profit from each sale goes to the developer and the users who support them. If you care about supporting indies, these are the games to check out!
  • How does purchasing from VoxPop differ from other platforms?
    At its core, VoxPop is about supporting independent developers and other content creators. VoxPop devs get more of each sale, and a further percentage of each sale is immediately distributed to fellow users who helped support the sale, whether through seeding or recommendations. Unfortunately, that means that while we are in the developing / testing phase, we simply do not have the resources at this time to provide refunds. Currently, all sales on VoxPop are final barring major issues such as the wrong file being delivered.
  • What differentiates VoxPop from every other platform currently on the market?
    What differentiates VoxPop from other platforms is our ambitious business model. Whenever users participate in activities that facilitates a game sale, they will make a small percentage of that sale as commission. This not only provides a built-in way for games on the platform to have reciprocity from the Game Streaming Community and Let’s Players, but it gives developers additional tools for marketing their games via adjusting incentive payouts.
  • Why should we launch our IP on the VoxPop platform?
    Simply put: we’re better for independent developers than the competition. Our profit-sharing model not only incentivizes the kind of word-of-mouth marketing independent games rely upon, but it also allows developers to adjust incentive payouts and create promotional codes to run a grassroots marketing campaigns even if they have no capital to spare up front. VoxPop will request a lower sales overhead than competing platforms hovering at 15% initially gradually capping at no more than 18% of every dollar sold. VoxPop provides indie developers more revenue from their IP, and more tools to bring it to the masses.
  • What is the ROI for launching on VoxPop?
    The ROI on VoxPop is invariably high, we take a lower percentage of each sale, and there is no upfront cost to putting a game on our platform. By default, the percentage Developers earn should be about 82% of each dollar sold but again, developers have the power to adjust their user incentive payouts.
  • Will there be potential publishing and game development deals in the future on VoxPop?
    As VoxPop expands in the coming months, we plan to issue RFPs to independent studios to aid and fund potential VoxPop Games Platform exclusive titles to host for 4 to 6 months on VoxPop before going wider to other platforms for revenue.
  • What is a VoxPop game, what games are hosted on the platform?"
    VoxPop Games doesn’t seek to put limitations on the kind of game that can be put on the platform. Primarily, we will host indie games, but the idea is to expand to include mainstream titles as well eventually. All far reaching and creativity is welcomed.
  • How will our services reach the core indie boutique marketplace?
    We have been participating in developer events, gaming conferences, and developer communities such as the IGDA will help get the word out about VoxPop Games. In a perfect world, some kind of Game Development partnership might also be reached with existing indie platforms, perhaps we will see VoxPop exclusive funded titles on Store. How realistic that possibility can be requires further research and outreach.
  • What backend installation ware / DRM will be on people’s PCs/Macs?
    VoxPop’s backend system will not be as intrusive or viewed as malware or spyware, since we are utilizing ledger systems and semi-centralized p2p tech, many of the shared user files will have trackers to identify the general areas of seed/download. We would want to keep users regionally catered and allow for location services to guide us for safety. All transactions will be verified multiple times via our proprietary Blockchain system, and Developer IP and consumer safety will be the of the upmost priority.
  • What will Peer-to Peer mean for consumers with slow internet connections?
    For users with slow internet connections, it will likely mean that fewer users will pull their seeds, and thus, they will see significantly less passive income. That said, they can still benefit from the profit-sharing model by recommending games directly, and we don’t expect download speeds to be significantly slower than they would otherwise be for them on a different platform anyway.
  • What does the VoxPop consumer look like?
    Our initial and primary user group will be core, PC/Mac gamers; specifically those who actively play indie games. Due to the increasing prevalence of independent titles, this is a much broader category genre than in previous years. The indie scene is now at the forefront of the most innovative products on the market and VoxPop will be a great addition to bringing many more new and exciting titles to consumers.
  • Who is the Streamer for VoxPop?
    VoxPop would like to partner with amazingly talented small to mid-size streamers - the kind who may typically have trouble monetizing their channels, but have audiences in the low 10 to 100K. Since we are not paying them directly, but rather by VoxPop targeted profit sharing commission, we can partner with a large number of these influencers all at once. Streaming channels with influential channels are finding a space to be more likely to be playing independent games as well for exposure. It should be noted that playing independent games is not actually a prerequisite to being a successful streamer partner for VoxPop.
  • What separates VoxPop from the oceans of content currently out there?
    In theory, as a game platform, the content on VoxPop will not be fundamentally different from what’s available on other platforms. However, by choosing to focus on the independent rather than the mainstream, we will be cultivating a selective boutique styled environment where originality, creativity and exciting ideas are free to prosper, as opposed to soulless sequels and rehashes of games past.
  • How can VoxPop gain exposure within the current market?
    Our profit-sharing/VoxPop affiliate model is self-promoting, not only will we be partnering with Streamers and Let’s Players, but really any gamer seeking to make some revenue referring their friends to join and begin using the platform. They will also gain a percentage of every dollar spent, as well as every dollar spent by anyone their friend invites. It allows for similarities to Nintendo/PlayStation rewards program(s) to shine through for PC/Mac gamers but in a more expansive and proactive way.
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