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VoxPop Games Streamer Spotlight: ALEDreamGAMEON

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Hey Everyone!

I really enjoyed creating my first Developer Spotlight on QQNutGames, if you haven’t checked it out already, you can see it here! VoxPop isn’t just a community of game developers though, it’s also a community of small streamers and content creators. As both a game designer and a content creator, I thought it would be great to highlight some streamers as well! First up is ALEDreamgameon!

Andrea is a thirty year old streamer from New York and New Jersey. Originally, she joined the platform for Twitch Sings, which no longer exists. She does however sing on stream to make up for this! Andrea plays a huge variety of games on her Twitch channel, playing everything and anything she wants. She’s up to her 238th unique game played on her channel, which says a lot about the type of gamer she is.

One huge takeaway from her interview was Andrea's persistence in gaming and streaming. She started streaming when she was depressed as an escape. As someone who has struggled with mental health in the past, I found these words really empowering.

When asked about her goals, she stated that she wants to get rid of stereotypes surrounding women gamers, and wants to make sure the voices of women in gaming are heard. It was really great to hear this from Andrea, and I think she’s doing a great job of showing how insanely silly stereotypes surrounding women gamers are.

Here is our latest VoxPop Games Streamer spotlight, Andrea from ALEDreamgameon!

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