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Looking to Get Into
Game Development?


Look No Further Than VoxPop Games!

At VoxPop, we help students find collaborators to help make their dream game, or helping students find projects to sink their teeth into in order to hone a particular skill.


After the project is done, we will pay dividends out to your contractors for you, or pay you your dividends for your help on a project. Watch the video above to learn more about VoxPop’s Middleware tools. If you’re interested in working 

with us, make sure to fill out our contact form as well!

Accredited Schools, Real World Experience

About You

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Your New Obsession

Looking for games that are just built different? 


Explore a handpicked selection of over 300 independently crafted games, each pushing the boundaries of gaming creativity! Share your favorites with friends to support developers and earn rewards for yourself. Join us in a vibrant community where innovation thrives and every game offers a unique adventure!


Supercharge Your Portfolio

Ready to kickstart your journey into the world of game development?

At VoxPop, we believe in empowering the students to become the next generation of creators. We provide unique opportunities to collaborate directly with developers, gaining invaluable real-world experience while making your mark on exciting new games. Join us and take your first steps towards a successful career in the games industry.


Your Passion Project

Are you on the hunt for support to bring your dream games to life? Or itching to be part of a project that ignites your passion?

Join our growing community of designers, artists, and content creators, where your projects can thrive! Lend your talents to shape the next big thing. At VoxPop, everyone gets their fair share when a game hits the market. After all, trust and accounting should never hinder creativity.

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