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VoxPop Games Fall 2022 Coverage

For Immediate Release -

New York, New York, September, 2022 - VoxPop Games, Inc. today announced the appointment of gaming industry veteran Jeronimo Barrera as Chairman of the Advisory Board as well as the formation of a new game fund to help support indie game development.

Mr. Barrera brings two decades of experience as Vice President of Game Development at Rockstar Games, where he helped build the company from its inception to a $20B company. Currently, Mr. Barrera has a successful consulting agency with clients both in the Indie and AAA gaming space.

“Jeronimo has enjoyed a such an amazingly productive career in the games industry,” said Charles Yu, co-Founder and CEO of VoxPop Games. “He is an industry legend having worked on everything from Red Dead Redemption to Grand Theft Auto and we are excited to have his guidance for our future success.”

Charles and Marc, along with the entire VoxPop team, have built a very impressive indie games platform in only a couple years,” said Jeronimo Barrera, Chairman of the Advisory Board of VoxPop Games. “It's difficult to enter such a demanding sector but their vision convinced me that there is an evolution happening that will bring in traditional and new business models that can help more developers, content creators and gamers interact in progressive and positive ways not available anywhere else.”

The VoxPop Games platform also announced the creation of a game fund designed to help spur indie game development. With the creation of the fund, VoxPop Games hopes to go one step further and provide direct funding to independently developed games with interesting concepts. Games made in partnership with the VoxPop fund will be sold exclusively on the VoxPop platform for a time on release together with the games developed in-house in the future. The first game in the fund’s portfolio will be revealed at a later date.

About VoxPop Games

VoxPop Games, Inc., a new game distribution and development platform, is a peer-to-peer games marketplace with a profit-sharing business model. VoxPop primarily caters to independent developers who may not have the marketing budget to pursue traditional advertising as a model. Developers can promise a share of their profits to those who recommend their games, allowing them to drive their own affiliate marketing campaigns. Influencers who sign onto VoxPop get a link which directs users to their recommended games. This link can go anywhere a Patreon or Ko-Fi link might and offers an additional path to monetization from users who might otherwise be unwilling to donate for content. VoxPop hopes to disrupt the gaming market by creating systems for smaller content creators to prop up one another.

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