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VoxPop Developer Spotlight: Space Microscope Games!

Hey Everyone!

Today I’m highlighting another amazing member of our community, Peter, aka Space Microscope Games! Peter is currently working on SwordCar, which will have an exclusive “Made for VoxPop” version. I’m super excited to see how the final version comes out, because from what I’ve seen in his dev logs, the game looks great!

Peter creates some really impressive dev logs on YouTube. As a YouTube content creator and Game Designer myself, I know how time consuming and challenging both mediums are to create and balance. Peter’s videos are high quality, and show his incredible understanding of both video content creation and Unity. I’d recommend checking out his videos if you haven’t already.

Peter’s chill personality is present in anything he creates. From the ridiculousness of his games, to the light hearted tone of his videos, Peter truly seems like someone who you’d want to hang out with. I was really impressed with how Peter listed his favorite inspirations. Usually when I ask that question, I don’t get a specific answer. In Peter’s case though, he stated who they were and what they had created. I thought this said a lot about Peter, not only is he a master of his craft, but he also is a student of it.

Make sure you follow Peter on Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok!

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