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Studio Spotlight: Windy Games

This week, we're pointing the spotlight at the team over at Windy Games! They're the ones behind the game Miasma Caves. I had the pleasure of meeting some of these cool folks at a convention here at NYC, and now you all get to meet them as well!


Windy Games:

Hi everyone! We’re Windy Games, a tight knit studio formed out of a shared love of our medium. We are a tiny team, composed of four full-timers (with occasional freelance help) initially brought together by the Unity forums in early 2016 to begin work on what would become Miasma Caves. We set out to make a game that focused on exploration and discovery, one that was action-packed and exciting despite forgoing combat. Our initial design concept came from Adam's experience with early versions of Minecraft—venturing deep into their cave systems in search of diamonds, and trying to make it back up safely. While production had its ups and downs—in retrospect, a design relying on procedurally generated levels is an ambitious choice for a first game—we went to steam early access in 2019 and launched Miasma Caves fully in February 2020.

We all learned a lot from the experience of bringing this game to market. Emily (artist) got a lot of new 3D techniques under her belt, Alex (programmer) added his first shipped title to his post-college resume, and Kevin (programmer, a later edition to the team) took a project in dire need of technical assistance and got it to a marketable state. We commuted to our co-working office in Queens until the pandemic chased us online, but we continue to collaborate daily on our next project.


Miasma Caves:

Miasma Caves is an explorative action-adventure featuring Lesath, a determined draconid set on saving her village, Radiant Ridge, by venturing into the local caves to find the source of the dangerous Miasma. Being the only one mysteriously able to withstand the Miasma for more than a few moments, she has taken up her late parents profession, risking herself for the greater good. There are many secrets hidden in the caves, including artifacts and treasures that can be appraised to learn more about the story, as well as secret areas to discover and explore. Luckily the caves themselves are the only dangers as the critters within don't pose a threat. After a day of adventuring, she brings her treasures back to town to sell so she can resupply, upgrade the village, and catch up with the locals before heading back into the depths to learn the secrets of a place long forgotten! It's a story told through archeology, a pacifist adventure that is perilous none-the-less, with colorful anime-inspired visuals meant to evoke the aesthetic of the Dreamcast and PS2 era.


Miasma Caves is available now on the VoxPop Games store. Join our Discord to keep up with their progress and download our Open Beta to check out plenty of other indie titles that are available right now!


~ Holly

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