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Game Design Discussions with Brandon from Salt and Pixel!

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to very quickly cover a co-stream I recently did with Brandon from Salt and Pixel games. Brandon was nice enough to take some time out of his day to come onto stream and talk to me about one of his games, Cult. During our stream we talked about what influenced his design of the game from both a thematic and design perspective.

One of my favorite parts about talking to other creatives is seeing where our influences overlap. I love tabletop game design, and Cult happens to be a game based off of a board game (Level7 Escape). A lot of our discussions revolved around developing games based on board games. What types of challenges do you face from both a design and technical perspective? What concepts could you take from a digital board game like Cult and bring into a video game like Outer Terror? It was really interesting to dig into these questions, and see how Brandon answered them for himself.

Additionally, when we were talking about the lore of the game, Brandon opened up about his own personal experiences within a Cult that inspired the game. To be honest, this may have been one of the most interesting conversations I’ve ever had. Seeing how his experiences shaped the product directly in front of me, was honestly a surreal experience that I am grateful for. I want to thank Brandon for being so open, as I know particular topics can be difficult to talk about.

Don’t worry if you missed the livestream, as I’ve edited it down to a short form version highlighting many of the discussions brought up in this post.

You can follow Brandon on twitter here where he posts a bunch of stuff he’s working on!

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