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First Ever VoxPop Co-Stream! (Featuring L1L_F3LL4)

Hey Everyone!

Today I wanted to talk about the first ever VoxPop co-stream that we've ever done, Weaponeer! When I first started this position back in June, one of the first things I wanted to do was create a larger sense of community within VoxPop. I wanted to highlight smaller streamers and games that were on our platform. Co-streaming felt like the perfect way to do that!

A co-stream is a stream where one or more streamers stream together and sometimes even compete against one another. In this case, L1L_F3LL4 and I decided upon seeing who could clear more levels in Weaponeer in one hour. I chose fella and Weaponeer for simple reasons. Fella has been one of our biggest supporters on stream, and I've done streams with him before. If you aren't familiar with fella, check out our streamer spotlight featuring him here. Gaming with Fella is super fun, he's always able to keep things lighthearted while still throwing around some trash talk. I chose Weaponeer as the first game to co-stream for a pretty simple reason, the game is just really, really, fun. Weaponeer is a fast paced platformer making it the perfect game for racing through.

Overall, the first co-stream was a massive success. Viewers from both Fella's and VoxPop's stream tuned in to see who took the W. It was a tough matchup, but in the end, one of us had to come out on top. I've done you all the favor of edited down our hour long competition into a short form ten minute video so you can see the highlights.

If you're interested in doing a co-stream challenge with me, email me at

Here at VoxPop Games we are constantly looking to collaborate with small streamers, content creators, and indie developers! Make sure to pick out a game from the VoxPop Games store, and let me know what the challenge will be. Come prepared though, as in the future there may be prizes on the line!

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