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Streamer Spotlight: LithiumProject

Hello, my virtual friends.

We're chugging our way through our Open Beta phase of VoxPop Games and doing our best to meet the wants and needs of the community in the process. It's a daunting task with such a small crew behind the scenes, but we assure you we'll have all the bells and whistles you all want to see - some will just take a bit longer than others. We love you and very much appreciate your feedback and patience. You're what makes our world go 'round.

In the meantime, I'd like to share with you who is next up for our community spotlight: our Platform Streamer lithiumproject! He's been affiliated with us for some time and we very much value his support.

He's also the winner of our first big Twitch community event - the Guardians of Lodino Forest (or G.O.L.F. (Developed by Adrien Dittrick) tournament!


Hello! I’m Mark (also known by my alter-ego, lithiumproject) and I am a streamer/podcaster/community manager/failed games journalist. I have been tasked with writing a little about myself. 

I was about 3 years old when my mum handed me a Sega Master System with its in-built copy of Alex Kidd in Miracle World, and I haven’t looked back since! I’ve always been fascinated with video games and the worlds that developers can create, and I’ve always been interested in why a game is made, as much as how a game is made. 

I have dabbled with video content over the years, but I never had a decent set up or time to work on this section of my hobbies, but with a steady income and a lot of free time due to the current global climate, I dived head first into streaming and been having a blast with it! 

I wouldn’t say I have a specific game I enjoy playing on Twitch, and I do feel like I’m finding my feet still with the platform, but games like Dead Cells, Cuphead, DOOM, and Ori and the Will of the Wisps have been some of the highlights for me this year so far. I love indie games so VoxPop was a natural fit for their vision and it is an absolute pleasure to be a part of the platform going forward. 

I have no real goals in regards to a career as a streamer, but I do see a lot of people starting out who want to become a Twitch star overnight. I like to think of myself as a realist and I’m content with setting much lower expectations. I just want to enjoy and explore new worlds - and anyone who wants to join me on these journeys is more than welcome to!


You can find lithiumproject on his Twitch channel here - so be sure to go give him a follow and drop in sometime and say hi! And don't forget that we're still in full swing Open Beta mode; we could sure use your support! Download it here (if you haven't already), play some cool indie games, and then join our Discord and let us know what you think! Plus, you can meet all of the game developers and streamers in there as well :)

Until next time!

<3 Holly

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