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Check out our VoxPop Exclusive Titles!

Hello again, my virtual friends.

Here's a quick blog post letting folks know a bit more about our Client Platform and how easy it is to swing on by and check these stellar Indie Games that are available exclusively on VoxPop Games!


Pixel's Hallows Eve - Available Now

In this arcade shooter, Pixel's Hallows Eve by Salt & Pixel, you play as a cat who casts magic, eats candy, and flies on a broom. Halloween (and the world) are in danger from ancient evil spirits - a demon named Balbazour wants to ruin Halloween! Shoot and zap your way through the evil pumpkins, eyeballs, dolls, and spirits and be the hero kitty who saves the world!


EALU - Coming Soon

Indie Platforming Redefined

...think Terminator meets Celeste &/or Super Meat Boy meets Mario Maker

Ealu is a classic side scrolling adventure created by you.

The in-game level builder allows you to unleash your creative potential and share it with the world.

If creation isn't your thing you can jump in to online mode and experience other creations through 100 lives mode or the level browser


Ultimate Reality - Coming Soon

Your actions can have consequences in other realities. You are the only one that can stop him.

Suit up as Drake Smith goes around the Multiverse in search of a mysterious figure and try stopping them from destroying all reality. You have to fight against time, and time is relative.

Ultimate Reality is a Pixel Art Platformer from LinkUp Games, where your actions have consequences. In this PC Exclusive ONLY ON VoxPop, you will use your dimensional abilities to fight hordes of enemies and boss battles that will leave you shaking.

These dimensional abilities are versions of what different dimensions would look like in our three-dimensional world. Ultimate Reality also has different levels and maps where you will be able to explore and find different puzzles to find the mysterious figure. This game has modern mechanics such as finishers, puzzles and a compelling story told in side-scroller style game.


We hope everyone is enjoying the offerings from our amazing Client Platform, we have so many more cool announcements coming in the next few days.

For all things VoxPop, feel free to drop by:

Don't forget that we're still in full swing Open Beta mode; many changes are happening daily and we could sure use more of your amazing support!

Download it here (if you haven't already), play some cool indie games, and then join our Discord and let us know what you think! If you like to setup your accounts on the fly, our WEB PORTAL is now live and ready for action!

Until next time!

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