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What Even is VoxPop Games? what you may find yourself wondering. Sure, you’ve seen our posts asking for you to sign up to the client and try out some cool new game or to join our Discord and meet our wonderful community of strangers. You may have even been approached by one of us because we think your game is rad and want to spread the word. Or maybe we stumbled upon your stream and thought you’d be a good fit in our streaming community. But what actually is VoxPop? Well, I’ll tell you!

VoxPop is a brand new gaming distribution platform that caters specifically to Indie developers. Where we differ from the big names in distribution (Steam, Epic, etc.), other than being an Indies Only club, is our profit-sharing model and peer-to-peer download system.

Along with recruiting developers to sign on for VoxPop, we also encourage streamers and content creators to partner with us. Our partnered streamers and content creators are always excited and ready to play the newest indie titles -- especially the ones coming to VoxPop. This helps indies get more visibility, thus more sales.

The overall goal of VoxPop is to help indies get their beautiful games out in the world for all to see without having to spend millions of dollars in marketing like the AAAs can do. This is where the profit-sharing model and streamers/content creators come in. When a developer loads their game to the VoxPop client, they may allot a percentage of profits to go towards anyone who helps sell their game. This can include streamers who stream the game, players who enjoy the game and shout it from the rooftops, and content creators who hype up the game in their videos, blogs, or reviews.

Our profit sharing model is this:

  • Developers control & set their specific profit share percentage we've labeled ... "PopShare" for each game they have on the store, at a minimum of 3% from each sold game.

  • When you recommend a game and someone purchases that game from your recommendation list on your profile, you get profit equal to the PopShare of that game. (For example: Someone purchases game on your recommendations that is $9.99 USD and has a 30% PopShare. You receive the lion's share of the 30% ( ~$3 USD ) in VoxCoin (banked in your VoxCoin Wallet, while the rest gets distributed to everyone else who owns the game)

  • Simply owning a game nets you a fraction of a share in VoxCoin each time a sale of the same game is made by anyone purchasing on the VoxPop Games client... forever.

Buy a game and do nothing else and you'll still make cash. Passively.

  • VoxCoin can be used to purchase games at any time in the Client application, or you can save them up and get a cash-out of real world money at every $100 USD (10,000 VoxCoin)

This means Streamer & Content creators can leverage their audience to support them, while supporting the games they are playing FOR them. This is not occurring on ANY other indie gaming platform, we are the first of our kind, and proud of it!

Using this method, a developer can take advantage of it with no money up front (and therefore less risk). It adds incentive for people to spread awareness of games that they enjoy, thereby creating a sort of natural marketing system -- much cheaper than buying advertising, and much more feasible for the average indie developer.

Most indie devs typically don’t have the money up-front to buy ads in the first place. Others may have some extra cash, but don’t want to risk spending it all on something that could cost them if it doesn’t pay out. Profit-sharing solves both these problems. Because it promises a percentage of future revenue, it costs nothing to start, and therefore, you lose nothing if it doesn’t work out.

This also helps keep streamers motivated by boosting their viewership and community support.

I hope this blog post does what it’s supposed to and demystifies anything that may have needed demystifying, but if you still have questions (or are interested in joining our community of developers, streamers, general ) you’re welcome to DM me on Discord or Twitter, or you can email me directly at . This is the part where we come full circle and I ask you to join the movement at and hop into our Discord here! We’re friendly, I promise!

Plus, now you can check out our store & make purchases of games in your web browser!

And ~BONUS~ right now we're giving away 100 VoxCoin ($1 USD) for anyone new who signs up, and 100 VoxCoin to anyone who gets someone to sign up using their UserID! That's free money!

pls FOLLOW any & all social channels here: Until next time~

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