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Outer Terror Release Coverage

Hello everyone:

Connor from VoxPop here

Here is the latest coverage from our Outer Terror game release and our early reviews:

Release News:

Early Launch Reviews:

Game Grin (7.5 / 10) : “Outer Terror is a beautiful love letter to both old-school horror and early gaming; if you love both, you'll love it.” Game Tyrant (8/10): "A ode to Horror and Arcade fans”

EIP Gaming (8/10): “The art is incredible, the music is intense, the enemies are quirky, the characters are gritty, and the maps are well-designed.”

Try Hard Guides (8/10): “A great tribute to Cult Classics”

ScreenRant (3.5/5) - "Combining the fast-faced action of rougelite gameplay with cosmic, retro horrors, Outer Terror is an addictive experience with thematic substance." -

KeenGamer (7/10) - "The game is a love letter to the horror and retro genre’s, with fantastic homages and inspiration." -

Stay tuned for more news about Outer Terror and more progress about our upcoming published titles soon!!!

Thank you again


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