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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK – MARCH 28, 2023 – The survival horror game Outer Terror is confirmed by its publisher VoxPop Games, Inc. for full release on Steam April 20th. Coming off a successful week at Game Developers Conference where Outer Terror debuted in the MOME (Made in New York) GDC 2023 booth, players worldwide can now play a free demo that is available now through April 7 on Steam.

Inspired by classic Pulp Horror comic books and B-movies, Outer Terror is a frantic bullet hell casual game with rogue-lite elements, swarming with cosmic creatures like possessed toasters and rabid rabbits that players need to take out - all while trying to stay alive on their survival journey!

Battle an onslaught of deadly otherworldly monsters while exploring overrun cities in Outer Terror. Stack and assemble an arsenal of weapons and blast apart each horrific creature that comes your way. Most importantly Don’t Die! As you explore invaded cities, through each of the five comic chapters that make up Outer Terror.

Game Features:

  • Play through the anthology of Outer Terror, each of the five chapters inspired by classic horror stories features its own signature character and storyline.

  • 10 playable characters each with their own trademark weapons and badass skills.

  • Explore massive maps to discover survivor hold outs and collect treasures that lead you to massive boss encounters with elite creatures from beyond, ghouls, robots, and otherworldly abominations.

  • Stockpile an arsenal of weapons and then blast apart seemingly endless waves of demonic cosmic creatures!

  • Don’t Die! Play through each chapter and battle off hordes of enemies including the vampiric polar bear, lifelike toasters, the remains of a pet rabbit and more!

  • Hop online or invite your friends over to experience online and couch co-op gameplay modes.

Check out the free Steam demo now, of the upcoming rogue-lite that pays homage to the B-movies and Golden Age horror comics of the 80’s and 90’s, and wishlist Outer Terror in preparation for its release on April 20.

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