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We got quoted in the New York Times!

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Yesterday, in an article about the closing of Stadia, the New York Times reached out to Marc and I for comment.

We're quoted towards the end of the piece, which you can read here.

Of course, because the focus of the article was on Stadia, my full quote about where VoxPop's own competitive advantage lies was trimmed down.

I believe that by focusing on an undeserved, niche market like indie games, VoxPop Games actually has less overlap with competing services, and can better serve the needs of it's target audience.

Our profit sharing model especially has a lot of applications. For content creators, it can a way for users to support creators they believe in, much in the same way that Patreon or Ko-Fi would. For developers, it has applications in everything from crowdfunding, to marketing, to contracting.

Regardless, getting interviewed by the New York Times was a big milestone for the VoxPop Team! Just another step in our transformation into Key Opinion Leaders!

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