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Developer Spotlight: Filipe F. Thomaz

Happy Friday!

This week I'm moving the spotlight to a developer none other than Filipe F. Thomaz - creator of Into A Dream. He's been with VoxPop since the beginning and we love him for it. Into A Dream is a beautiful and well-written narrative game and we're incredibly proud of Filipe and his efforts. So here he is in all his glory:


About Me:

I am an engineer/composer/writer that have worked as a biotechnological engineer and also have ventured into various artistic projects, most proudly as a director of

an original musical theatre, with both score and libretto of my own. Having delved into the game dev industry due to my love for games and stories, I see this medium

as a wonderful and unique way to bring a story to life through a combination of visuals, interaction, music and storytelling, leading to a more engaging experience.

I have always had a passion for story-driven games, whether it's the crazy fantastical worlds of the old LucasArts point-and-click adventures, to the more

emotionally and humane packed stories such as To The Moon. I believe that narrative is one of the aspects where there seems to exist a lesser focus from the majority of the developers, so I sought to add my contribution to that genre. I decided to create something that is midway between a game and an interactive novel, a game where the main focus on the characters, their relationships, and how

they interact and react to the world and the happenings around them. It's a humane story, an emotional story, a sad story. That I believe that is relevant for us to experience, to connect and hopefully to help us cope with similar situations that may affect ours or one of our loved one's lives.

About Into A Dream

You wake up in a mysterious place devoid of all your memories and come upon a recording addressed to you. As you listen to it, you realize that your mind has been linked to the dreams of a Luke Williams, a man diagnosed with severe depression, and that you are here because you are the best in the field. You are Luke’s last hope and must prevent him from… fading away.

Delving deep into Luke’s dreams, where memories and symbols are blended together, you are expected to disclose the events and actions that has led Luke to his darkness. You will meet his close family and friends and must find ways to trick him into letting you access his darker dreams and unveil the emotional, powerful and heartbreaking journey of his life.

His life is in your hands. You need to help him take the first step towards recovery. To make him see that his life matters… You are his last hope.


Into A Dream has received glowing reviews, and much deservedly so. And it's available now on the VoxPop Games Open Beta! To download, go to, then join our Discord and let us know what you think! You can even meet Filipe himself~

See you there!

<3 Holly

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