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Build your dream game with the power of profit-sharing.


Supporting Game Makers


Sharing the Loot

VoxPop offers profit-sharing tools that empower developers. Creators can compensate collaborators by offering them a share in the game's profits. VoxPop automates the distribution of proceeds, ensuring a fair and transparent process for all involved parties and making accounting easy!

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The VoxPop Store

Not only will VoxPop help you get onto Steam and other platforms, we will also place you on our own personal store! VoxPop’s storefront, featuring metrics, a jobs board, and a profit-sharing recommendation system where you can earn credit for sharing with your friends!

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Boosting with Streamers

All too often do incredible projects drown in the sea of new releases on Steam and Epic.  VoxPop isn’t just about making sure games get made, it’s also about making sure that games get seen! VoxPop will help promote your games through a diverse network of streamers, and our own channels online.

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Our Games


Outer Terror

Outer Terror is our first micro-publishing title to take use of our middleware services. The game was developed by Salt & Pixel an Indie Game Developer based out of Virginia. We 

helped S&P by providing various services to help with the production, advertising, and release of the game. Services included QA Testing, content about the game, reaching out to streamers to stream the game, finding an artist to help with the games art, and help with the design of the game.  


Boost Your Portfolio With Us

Are you a student aspiring to break into the game industry? Your search ends here! VoxPop's student initiative is aimed at helping students like you find their way in the games industry! We welcome students from all backgrounds and majors. Come find your dream project, today!

Programming experience

Environment Lighting experience 

3D Modeling experience


Accredited Schools, Real World Experience

Contribute to Games

Find Your Team

Discover Projects

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About Us

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Redefining Our Industry

VoxPop Games is building an entirely new recruiting tool for indie game developers, based on parsing shares of revenue to key game development collaborators across new & upcoming indie video game projects.

When collaborators join a project, they get a percentage of the sales. So when the game reaches the market, they will automatically be paid a portion of its sales as dividends. The entire process is handled by VoxPop’s backend - so they know they can trust you, and you don’t have to worry about the accounting work.

“The main benefits of the VoxPop publishing partnership is definitely the experience gained. Experience in such a friendly environment is hard to find. I'm really grateful for the experience this partnership is offering me.”


– Dilshoda Sayfillaeva 
DOSMan Games Student Partner

“Our team is very thankful VoxPop has a dedicated team to create social media content and a strong following to boot. It makes it so much easier!”

– Kyle Grenier
Hippo Havoc LLC


“VoxPop’s platform made it easy for us to get a composer under contract to create music for Disaster Golf in exchange for equity in the game’s sales.  It ended up being a lot easier than I had initially thought it would be.”

– TJ Caron
Hippo Havoc LLC


Let's Get Started on Something Amazing Together.

Looking to get experience helping with a project? Searching for your next gaming obsession? Student looking to get into the gaming industry? Connect with us today! 

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