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Wishlist(!!) Update (v2.6.5)

Hey everyone!!

Guess what~~

It’s update time! Yesterday, May 25, we rolled out v2.6.5 which includes a pretty big feature-- it's...



That’s right. We finally did it. It’s wishlisting time.

You can find the cute little heart <3 button on games in the Coming Soon section on the client -- we’ll be rolling it out on the web portal in the near future. Developers will be able to track the amount of people who’ve wishlisted their games in their analytics section in their profile. Users who wishlist a game will get an email confirmation and then a follow-up email once the game goes live. So, get to sharing those links to get those wishlist numbers!

Another big thing we’ve added for devs! You can now edit your own game pages. Change out your pictures, tags, PC specs, all that good stuff. We’ll have a full, in-depth blog posting about it in the coming days that explains exactly how to use the tool. **Please note that devs still cannot upload or update their own games for the time being. We’ll get there soon, though. Don’t worry :)

We’ve done a bit of UI updating on the game pages as well. Some things got shifted around to make space for more things in the future, swapped in a cute li'l thumbs up for the recommend button (this still adds to your recommendation list that you can reorder at any time), and updated some other buttons.

There’s also a section at the bottom of some game’s pages that shows other games made by the same developer or publisher. This functionality will be expanded to show games with similar tags/genres in the future.

Let us know if you have any questions -- and do this survey if you haven’t already, please!



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