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VoxPop Games & Bonus Stage are set to bring more great Indie Titles for gamers!

Updated: Feb 2, 2022


VoxPop and Bonus Stage Announce New Partnership

VoxPop Games, Inc. is proud to announce their new partnership with Bonus Stage Publishing to bring even more exciting indie games to gamers and streamers alike on the VoxPop Games store.

Bonus Stage is looking for the studios, teams, and developers, who have an unique and creative way to live their lives and make their games – their mantra is "the weirder and more unique the game, the better". Bonus Stage also has a slew of exciting indie game partners that they are ready to share with the ever growing VoxPop Games community.

“This collaboration is phenomenal for gamers. We at VoxPop cannot be more excited by how Bonus Stage brings forth great user experiences. We couldn’t wait to make this joint effort happen. VoxPop X Bonus Stage, just makes sense!” - Charles Yu, Founder & CEO, VoxPop Games, Inc.

”Our goal and mission is to be the good guys: for players, for studios, and to all content creators. It means that we will always go the extra mile with our people, and want to keep up with the latest shifts in the industry. We just felt like all this comes together in VoxPop, so our co-operation just is a no-brainer for us, too. We’re excited to see what this partnership will bring to us, we’re trusting in VoxPop’s spirit!” continues Sami Mikkola, the co-founder and partner at Bonus Stage Publishing.

“Bonus Stage is NEXT LEVELMarc Rodriguez, COO of VoxPop Games, explains “we are so truly fortunate to have such phenomenal partnerships and with Bonus Stage we have entered a new phase for the VoxPop Games Platform. The new adventures that Bonus Stage brings to our client and to all our Gamers really pushes the envelope forward for Independent Developers and content creators to converge, with new fresh gameplay mechanics and most of all, player enjoyment at the forefront”

Bonus Stage is the latest in the ever-growing list of indie games publisher houses to join forces with VoxPop Games.

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