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Well Hello Everyone, Marc Here.

Firstly, With everything that's happened recently, I wanted to take a brief moment to ask:

"How are you?"

We here on the VoxPop Games Team hope you are doing well, and urge everyone to stay healthy and safe, each and everyday.

On May 20th, 2020, the culmination of over 17,520 hours of hard work, sacrifice and determination came ONLINE in the form of the VOXPOP GAMES!

This message is a call to ALL Friends, Family, Cohorts, and Connections to reach out and Sign-up to become a part of Video Game History.

The VoxPop Games Platform is the first Brooklyn-born Worldwide Games Distribution & Development Platform in Existence. We know what we are up against and we know that the FUTURE is bright.

Now, on to some more fun stuff...

We hear you. Our fantastic CEO, Charles Yu has gone ahead and drafted an nifty write-up of our known issues and just like with most CLOSED BETA's - We are a WORK IN PROGRESS...

I am here to state that the progress is ALWAYS underway. I am also here to highlight a few cool and innovative features that we are evolving throughout our process.


First, our Profit-Sharing Mechanism:

You might have noticed that when you want to purchase a game, there is a small window that appears stating "Enter ID of user..."

This is for all of our users to share and promote during our CLOSED BETA section. It also allows STREAMERS to promote their ID Number, to all of your viewers. Be sure to only share your numerical ID number. For example, "161" in the picture above. People you're recommending on your Twitch/Youtube Stream, can place it within their field box before clicking the Checkout button.

If you are playing a game being featured on VoxPop , you can also share this number on your Social Media and you will initialize our Profit Sharing API backend (fancy term for our Revenue Sharing code-set).

This action will in fact begin the population of VoxCoins (Coins with a Voice), which can then be turned into cash to spend (once the Closed BETA and into Final Client is completed), or used to purchase even more games on the Platform!

This action allows users, Streamers, Content Creators, Devs, or really ANYONE to promote the great efforts of one another and helps out each and every copy of the games sold.


Next, Our Tuning and Debugging,

Within our current Client you will find a REPORT A BUG button at the bottom of the list, to the left. This is for our users to point out any glaring problems, so we can take the hamsters that power our backend and feed them to the wolves!

...Or, erm... send them to a farm upstate?

*Ahem* The point is, our closed beta is a phase. One for growing, evolving, and just testing things out. There may be a few dents in the framework, but with your help, we're buffing them out!

We have already had an immensely positive response from our wonderful community via Discord, and we are using our resources as efficiently as we can.

If you want your voice to be heard, join our Discord and head on Over to the #platform-feedback-tuning sub-channel to become a part of the discussion. This is where we'll turn throughout our tuning process, as we begin to build everything out to our FINAL GOLD MASTER Client.

The last piece of info I wanted to share is that our BETA UI/UX flow is in flux.

When interacting with the client, please note that in order to REFRESH the page, your may need to click-back to your Profile page.

For example, whenever you ADD one of our Developer Partner games to your cart for Check Out, just head back to the main Profile section and all of your selections will appear in your shopping cart.This little refresh bug, along with a few other user-flow updates will be coming in the days ahead.


Finally, to draw things to a close...

We still have more Client Developer Partnerships and Games to announce very, very SOON!! Our Streamers and Content creator affiliates are looking to share all of the amazing work and hopefully you support them via their ID numbers when you Checkout!

For all things VoxPop Games please visit:

I cannot believe we are here at the starting point of this great quest! Thank you to everyone who has supported us from the beginning, thank you to our growing Community, and to all the people who are a part of this MOVEMENT!!

As always, It's been real.



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