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VoxPop x GamerDelphia: A Surprising Reveal! (3/31/20)

VoxPop was graciously invited by GamerDelphia to our second podcast, originally airing March 31, 2020. It went live with the following message:

April 1st on Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, or iHeartRadio pls #StayHome and listen to our latest podcast with @Gamerdelphiapod there will be new and exciting news about our upcoming @VoxPopGames platform launch!! #EveryVoiceMatters

Marc and Charles are back at it again, this time talking a little more casually about gaming. In this podcast, they go over the ways VoxPop can benefit not just developers, but streamers as well. This episode is also where they reveal a surprising new feature...

Go ahead and check it out!

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