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VoxPop Streamer Spotlight: Hank the Hippy

Hey Everyone!

Today I’m spotlighting another amazing member of our community, Hank The Hippy!

Hank is one of our partnered VoxPop streamers. He loves horror and narrative based games with weird gimmicks. I had to highlight Hank because of the amount of fun you’ll have in his stream. There is never a dull moment in a Hank the Hippy stream. Hank sent me a few clips to help with the editing process, and while I was editing I was cracking up at what was sent to me. Hank is truly a one of a kind streamer.

One part of Hanks' streams that really sticks out to me is the stark contrast between his chill vibes and his insanely upbeat moments. When you’re in Hanks stream it really does feel like you’re just hanging out with him. The vibe in his stream is extremely chill yet also incredibly hype. During some of his clip moments, Hank has a contagious amount of energy that will make you burst out in laughter. One of my favorite clips is after he got a tough accomplishment in a game he exclaimed

“Clip it, Hippy the goat, AKA Hippy the Nascar Driver, AKA Hippy go too fast, AKA Hippy the best alien space pizza delivery driver in the world.”

Overall, Hank has been one of my favorite VoxPop Partnered streamers to interact with. His charisma surrounding gaming is absolutely impossible not to grow on you. Being in his streams or playing games with him is an absolute serotonin bomb straight to the brain, that you have to check out if you haven’t already.

Make sure you follow Hank on Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube!


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