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VoxPop Quarantine: 2nd Update

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Hello everybody – Charles here, again.

It seems this little delay has lasted a bit longer than we originally planned. Sadly, some unplanned troubles have set us back a bit, and even as the pandemic winds down, support hasn’t always been available.

We here at VoxPop have been continuing to work tirelessly to bring the platform up to snuff, and to make sure the release is as polished as it can be. Internally, there has always been a sense that if we were to delay, we would need to launch in better shape to compensate. Thus, as time dragged on, our standards for ourselves grew higher too. However, perfection is unrealistic, and it’s not fair to keep your audience in the dark and expect them to wait patiently.

That’s why I’m pleased to say, we will announce our new launch date during our Twitter AMA this coming Wednesday. May 13th, 1:30 pm (EST).

Though it may not be perfect, we are shaping up nicely, and I am excited and proud to show everyone the new VoxPop. We are still working out some of the kinks in the platform, and adjusting a few of our algorithms. Our profit sharing mechanism in particular may need tweaking, but that’s what a beta is for, right?

Once again, we are ever thankful to all the people – gamers, streamers, and developers – who have made this endeavor possible. Please, join us for our AMA, and let us know your hopes, questions, and concerns!

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