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VoxPop Platform Maintenance!

Updated: Apr 17

Hello Everyone!


Connor here to bring you a quick update about the VoxPop Games platform.


As you may have already noticed, the store has been downed for quite some time. Do not worry though, this is all to plan, and the store will be back up as soon as possible. Our team has been hard at work on new collaboration features in the VoxPop application.


If you’re unaware of our new middleware direction, you can read an extensive breakdown of what this all means here. But if you just want a bit of a shorter version, check out our video introduction below.

In short, the new middleware service will provide a space for creatives to come together and create games by splitting the money of each of the final product sales. This allows indie game developers to hire contractors without having to pay the upfront cost, it also gives game contractors passive income between projects.


We’re looking to create a win-win situation for both game developers and contractors. We are also hoping to get students involved in this new initiative. Half of the VoxPop Games staff attended university for game design, so we want to make sure that other students have a path forward in the industry as well. VoxPop projects can be solid portfolio pieces for students, whether they are art, programming, or design students.


Thank you for your patience during this time of rebuilding and new directions. Your continued support means a lot to us here at VoxPop Games! If you’re a student interested in making games, sign up here!


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