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Meet the VoxPop Team: Connor Riley

Hey! I’m the new Social Media Creative Analyst here at VoxPop! Some of you may already know me, as I interned for VoxPop while in college for quite some time, but for those who don’t let me introduce myself.

My name is Connor and I just graduated from Bradley University, majoring in Game Design and minoring in Computer Science. I’ve been involved with games since an extremely young age. My dad owns a comic book store that used to also be a hobby shop.

I grew up playing various tabletop and card games. Some of my earliest memories are of playing games like HeroClix and Warhammer in my dad's shop. A lot of the games I used to play ended up getting canceled and have faded into memories gaining dirt on the shelf.

Some of my favorites were Pokemon Spin em’ All!, and the World of Warcraft Miniature Figure Game. Since a bunch of the games I liked playing kept getting canceled, I started to make my own.

As a teen I basically sat in my basement making board games, speedrunning Super Monkey Ball, and running countless miles every week. At the time, I didn’t really believe in myself to be able to do anything technical, so I never really considered Game Design as a career option, I honestly just thought at some point I’d drop a million dollar kickstarter.

I was a pretty competitive runner and thought my ticket to college would be to run D1. However, after getting really sick my Junior year, my running took a huge dip. When I was finally healthy again, I realized I didn’t really like competing as much as I used to, and decided that I’d take a shot at the game design thing. In short, I basically went from student athlete to an art student a few weeks before applications were due.

I ended up moving from New York to the hustling and bustling city of Peoria, Illinois to study Game Design at Bradley University. Bradley is where I really came into my own not only as a game designer, but also as an artist and person. I gained a ton of interest in various forms of art and media.

I just wanted to absorb any new knowledge I could, which ended in me doing a ton of video editing and coding. I realized that tabletop games were great, but limiting myself to one art form was a handicap that I didn’t need to place on myself.

After I graduated I was doing the classic “What am I doing with my life?” freakout. Luckily for me, the perfect opportunity came with VoxPop. As someone who has always been a bit of a content creator and a bit of a game designer, VoxPop’s goals have always resonated with me. I want nothing more than to create cool stuff, and when I say stuff I really mean stuff.

Regardless of what medium it’s in, I just want to create something cool, something that someone will look at and say “wow that’s pretty neat”. I feel like VoxPop is the perfect place for me to do that, so I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to do so.

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