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VoxPop Games Looks to 2022 and Beyond by Partnering with Graffiti Games

New York City & Vancouver, Canada

– February 9, 2022 –

VoxPop Games, Inc. is proud to announce a new partnership with video game publisher, Graffiti Games that will have Graffiti bring its award-winning and highly-anticipated titles to the VoxPop Games storefront.

Indie game lovers worldwide will soon be able to play hits such as Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, Blue Fire and many more.

"When people hear the word ‘independent,’ they sometimes think of lone creators slaving

away solo in a warehouse,” said Charles Yu, Founder & CEO, VoxPop Games, Inc. “But with Graffiti's game library it shows that just as often, it means many passionate people coming together, and making a real career out of creation. Graffiti symbolizes the spectrum that VoxPop represents. From the solo dev to the indie publisher, VoxPop Games stands for innovation in an industry increasingly dominated by mergers and monopolies."

“Graffiti really are renown for core gameplay design with each of the titles they choose to publish and partner with,” said Marc Rodriguez, COO of VoxPop Games. “It was our team’s goal to partner with their brilliant team this year to expand our support of the entire indie games community, Graffiti is so synonymous with. We are extremely fortunate to have their back, as we collectively push for VoxPop to be the new home for indie gamers and influencers all around the globe!”

"Partnering with VoxPop allows Graffiti to bring our award-winning titles to the platform's

enthusiastic indie games audience," said Alex Josef CEO of Graffiti Games. "We strive to

cultivate relationships with our community, and VoxPop offers us new avenues to interact with

our fans and develop relationships with a whole new audience."

Be sure you download the latest VoxPop Games client platform here:

VoxPop Web Storefront: All VoxPop Socials: @VoxPopGames | Linktree

About VoxPop Games

VoxPop Games is creating a new, independent game distribution marketplace. Dedicated to inclusion, VoxPop uses its peer-to-peer backend and affiliate marketing structure to connect the two most underserved groups in the gaming community: Independent Developers and Streamers.

VoxPop is a post-seed stage technology startup, currently seeking additional equity investment for business expansion.

About Graffiti Games

Graffiti Games is a video game publisher comprised of a strong team of games industry veterans. With a powerful, global distribution network encompassing both digital and physical retail partners, Graffiti achieves worldwide reach and maximizes sales potential for its games. Graffiti is known for a portfolio of high-quality games, including the recent best sellers Blue Fire and Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion. To find out more about Graffiti and our portfolio please visit

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