Executive Team

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Charles Fang Yu, Founder and CEO

Charles is a player and independent designer with a lifelong passion for games. He put his first game online in middle school, and graduated from NYU, majoring in game design. Charles became aware firsthand of how hard it is to make a living as an independent developer, and after working for Gaming Business Review and Dan Hua Venture capital, he came up with his solution: VoxPop Games!

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Marc Anthony Rodriguez, Co-Founder and COO

Marc has spent almost his entire career in the Games Industry, over 15 years in fact.  Working with talent from iconic game companies at Rockstar Games, Capcom, and PWE.  He's even worked in talent discovery for indie game developers as a founder of GrummelWrks, and presented at TEDx to expand his theorem on gamification.  Most importantly though, he  maintains an unyielding passion for the indie space, and strives everyday to help it thrive.

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Mark Yu, Executive Chairman

Dr. Yu is a serial entrepreneur who boasts decades of experience. In fact, he is the first Chinese American ever to have founded a biotech startup. Once committed to saving lives, he strives to improve them, lending his considerable business experience and economic acumen to the VoxPop team.

Advisory Board

Eric Zimmerman, Professor of Game Design, NYU

Eric is an award-winning game designer who has been inventing play on and off the computer for more than 25 years. Eric was the Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer of Gamelab, a game development company, as well as the Institute of Play, a non-profit that looks at the intersection of games and learning.

Roger S. Sanford, Founder of CEO Wingman

Roger Sanford is an entrepreneur and renowned marketing expert. Roger has been the CEO and CMO for multiple Silicon Valley companies, and is currently on the board of Crunch Mediaworks. He is the CEO of RSG/CEO Wingman, a company dedicated to training and connecting new entrepreneurs worldwide. 

Bennett Foddy, Professor of Game Design, NYU

Bennett Foddy is the author of a number of games including his well-known series of four-letter web games QWOP, GIRP and CLOP.  His work has been shown at MoMA New York and at the Pulse Art Fair and in dozens of other museums and festivals around the world.  He joined NYU’s Game Center as Assistant Arts Professor in game design, following previous experience at Oxford and Princeton.