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VoxPop Games Attends PGC Toronto 2022!

Hey Everyone!

A little over a month ago our founder and CEO Charles Yu, and co-founder and COO Marc Anthony Rodriguez had the opportunity to speak at PGC Toronto. PGC is the leading mobile game industry conference, bringing together Indie Developers as well as experienced CEOs and investors. This was a huge opportunity for Marc and Charles to get the word out about VoxPop, and they did just that in both of their panels.

In Charles panel, “What Inspires EX-AAA Creators to Start Their Own Enterprise?” He is joined by Jason Renaud, Director of Artistic Production at Behavior Interactive, as well as Sean Kauppinen Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at Hiber. Together, they discuss some of the challenges creators in AAA studios might face. For example, a lack of creative freedom, or feeling like your work is getting wasted. Charles then describes the benefits of working in an Indie environment, or even just working for yourself as a hobby. The talk does a great job of highlighting the struggles of an employee in a AAA environment, as well as highlighting how VoxPop could solve some of the problems that an indie developer faces, when trying to get their game out into the world. Overall, Charles, Jason, and Sean do a great job of discussing the nuances of many different levels of game development, making for a very intriguing panel.

Marc's panel on the other hand, “Why Indies are essential for Diversifying Games & Creativity in the Industry”, focuses more on the artform of game development. He is joined by Agusia Krzywinska the co-founder and technical director of Adjective Noun Studios, Indigo Doyle the founder of Indie Mixer, and Joel Couture the Editor in Chief at IndieGamesPlus. Together they discuss the possibilities in indie games compared to what is possible in the AAA space. Concluding that indie games are necessary in the gaming world, as they push the boundaries of mechanics, artistic expression, and storytelling. Without having to answer to investors or a boss, indie developers have full creative freedom over their product making for unique experiences.

PGC was a great event for Indie Developers and gamers alike. It allowed people who are pushing the boundaries of game development to come together and make stronger connections that will helpfully push that boundary further. I don’t think it will take long for us to see developments coming out from connections made here.


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