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VoxPop Client Update - 9.15.2020

Hello again and Great Day, Everyone.

Today, we have some new and exciting news, Our latest VoxPop Client Update has now been deployed.

v 1.2.5 Change list:

- Directory Selection

- Backend C.Y.P Re-work

External Linking Bug updates

- Change PW enabled

Back-end client update - CS

- Make Some Friends

We hope everyone is enjoying the CLIENT and the Platform as an ever-changing and growing community.

Be sure to check out our latest Tuesday Releases, AVAILABLE NOW for Purchase and Stream.

We are STILL continuously pushing to make the very best VoxPop Games experience there can be for all users, and we want to thank you all for the continued support and feedback that is helping to make this a better and brighter future for Independent Games!!!

Until next time...

It's been real

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