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VoxPop Client Update - 8.20.2020

Hello again, Everyone.

I know I have been a bit silent from our BLOGspace recently ...

Everyone on the Team is head down and gearing up for our push to FINAL CLIENT.

Anyone who is in Software Development will know how things can get when you are trying to meet deadlines and commit features only to wake up the next morning to do it all over again.

We know, ALL TOO WELL, but we are dedicated to bringing the world the most up-to-date client that benefits our overall goals and of course, all of our amazing INDIE GAMERS and STREAMERS.

On 7/31/2020, we ask everyone to Download our OPEN BETA CLIENT:

And with that said, TODAY we present the amazing VoxPop Games community with a NEW...

This morning everyone with our v1.1.1, users should have received a new ping for a Client Update.

Once you click, YES, your client will kick over and install.

This Update is v1.1.9 of our OPEN BETA, and our change-list is as follows:

- VoxCoin Updates (Formatting) - Universal Aspect Ratio notification for Avatars (Settings Text Prompt for Users)

- Profile Handle Updates - Ratings Feature updates (tuning changes) - Dev Portal Functionality Update (Back-end VoxPop Developer Facing) - Update for New User Sign ups - Back-end Functionality Update to handle newer games

- Front-End UI Community Suggestion Update

- Face-lift for External Linking Page (Bug Fixes)

Please be sure to Download our latest client release and give us a Like/Follow/Subscribe via our Social Channels

We are pushing to make the very best VoxPop Games experience there can be for all users, and we want to thank you all for the continued support and feedback that is helping to make this a better and brighter future for Independent Games!!!

Until next time...

It's been real

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