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VoxPop Beta is Delayed

Hello everyone, Charles here.

There’s no easy way to say this, so let’s just rip off the band-aid: we have to delay the launch of VoxPop Platform’s closed Beta.

Like you, the VoxPop Team was, and continues to be, incredibly excited to play its part in the next wave of the indie scene. More excited than anyone, we’d wager. But the sad fact is, though the team has been working tirelessly day and night in the leadup to launch, sometimes the unexpected happens.

We live in an era of unforeseen circumstances right now, and sadly, VoxPop hasn’t been immune to the times. As a small, lean independent development team with no corporate backing, we don’t exactly have as much money or manpower to spare in a pandemic. But make no mistake, we will bounce back - bigger, and better than ever!

Our mission is to provide a new way of engaging with Indie Developers, Streamers, and Users, and we want to make sure we ship with prominence and pride. To our partners, we offer our heartfelt thanks and sincerest apologies. To the gamers and developers who’ve been so kind to place their faith in us, we solemnly swear to learn and adapt.

We anticipate a delay of 1-2 weeks. We will announce our new launch day 3 days prior to going live.

Stay Safe & Healthy Everyone.

VoxPop Games is just getting Started!

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