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Meet our Streamers : L1L F3LL4 and IcarusPanda!

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

With our closed beta chapter of our journey coming to an end, we're going full steam ahead into some fun new updates along with lots of other surprises coming soon! As always, we are grateful for our very supportive community of streamers, developers, content creators, and gamers who have been with us since the beginning.

Today, I'd like to show some love to two more of our streaming partners: L1L F3LLA and IcarusPanda.


Heya, I’m L1L F3LL4 or L1L for short, I started streaming back in September 2018 and have not looked back since.

Originally I started streaming as my gaming friend Minnow who I have known since my Star Trek Online days where playing Ark together and we thought it would be fun to stream our Ark adventures, unfortunately for him I heat him to the punch.

Since then streaming for me has always been about meeting new people who share my passion for the games I play, a sense of community, having a laugh and just meeting like minded people from other parts of the world.

I generally stream Survival games, primarily Ark Survival Evolved (ironically being my first game I ever streamed when I first began) and Empyrion: Galactic Survival.

I do when able to stream other variety games like the Sims, Cities Skylines, Space Engineers, Jackbox Party, Marbles on Stream etc.

I also stream indie games as part of the VoxPop Games Platform Streamer team which has opened a whole new genre of games to me which I never thought I’d be interested in considered I’ve played games like World of Warcraft, World of Tanks, Elder Scrolls, Warhammer, Battlefield, Rainbow Six etc.

In 2019 my then girlfriend (who now is my wife) joined me in streaming on my channel, we duo stream when we can as we both work rather hectic full time shift jobs (especially since Covid and both being Key Workers), we tend to goof off and troll each other than actually try to play the game we are streaming.



I’m a streamer / content creator that goes by the name IcarusPanda. I mostly stream speedruns of games that involve monkeys of some sort (Aka Donkey Kong or Super Monkey Ball 2). I got into speed-running when I saw speedruns of my childhood favorite game, Super Monkey Ball 2. I used to be a competitive long distance runner, and in a way speed-running reminded me of that same grind that running took. The combination of this, and admittedly being a bit of a perfectionist, got me hooked on speed-running.

Outside of streaming I am a rising junior in college studying Game Design and minoring in computer science. Since I was a kid, game theory had always sparked my interest. I grew up around a lot of tabletop games, since my dad owns a comic book store / hobby shop. Since coming to college I’ve realized I not only enjoy making games, but also video editing, programming, and creating graphic art. This has pushed me to create content surrounding game theory on my YouTube channel, since I feel it combines many different types of creation.

My ultimate goal is to one day be able to create something, anything as a career. Thus, my content and streams are very much all over the place, not sticking to one particular game or style of game. At the end of the day however, I feel that expressing myself through games and the media that surrounds it, is more important than sticking to a specific brand or image. Hopefully one day I create something that someone calls “pretty good”.


Interested in meeting these streamers? You can catch L1L F3LL4 on Twitch here and IcarusPanda's streams here. They're both also very active in our Discord community, so drop in and say hello! We'd love to have you.



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