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VoxPop Known Issues (v1.0.0)

Hello everyone, Charles here!


I can’t tell you how excited I am – the team and I have been working tirelessly to get here. Though we’ve hit a few snags in the road, and even a couple delays, thanks to our wonderful community and your patience and support, we’ve pulled through!

However, it bears repeating: we’re still in beta. This means there will still be occasional bugs and unresolved issues with the platform. However, with everyone’s help, we’ll have everything polished and perfect before long!

So far, we have three, known issues unresolved in v1.0.0:


1.) VoxPop may initially be flagged as malware by your anti-virus.

This is because though we have obtained a Code Signing certificate, Microsoft won’t confirm the certificate until our program has passed a certain number of downloads. Apparently, there used to be an option where you could fast-track this approval process by sending your source code to MS, but unfortunately, perhaps due to current events, they have stopped offering that service.

This download threshold is secret to us, and in any case, there’s no way to reach it without putting something out anyway, so we really have no choice but to go ahead without.

We offer our apologies to everyone for the inconvenience. Sadly, there is really nothing we can do about it at this time. However, so long as people continue to download VoxPop without issue, this problem will eventually pass.

Thank you for bearing with us!

2.) The shopping cart will not refresh until you change the page.

In other words, after adding a game to the cart, the cart may still display 0 items until you leave the current page and give the icon a chance to refresh.

This is a purely visual glitch. The item will still be added, and all functionality will remain. Still we are looking into possible triggers and fixes, and we’ll have this ironed out soon enough.

3.) After purchasing a game, you may not be able to launch it until you go to your library.

In other words, instead of being able to download and launch straight from a game’s store page, you’ll have to go back to your account library first.

This isn’t so much a glitch, as a small design oversight. Once again, no functionality is impacted – it just may take you a couple more clicks to get to your game. Though it may be a mild inconvenience for now, rest assured, we’ll get it soon!


Of course, outside these known issues, there may be others we’ve overlooked. After all, that’s what a Beta is for – finding and quashing bugs!

If you discover any novel issues, and you want to help us out, we urge you to use the “Report a Bug” function in the client. Alternatively, you could reach out to us on our company Discord directly, if the issue is hard to describe concisely.

Once again, I’d like to thank everybody your their support, and your patience. I truly believe we’re finally at the cusp of something great. Let’s blow this industry wide open – together!

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