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It's been a minute...

Hello Everyone, Marc Here

I know everyone has been wondering "why are they radio silent?", "What are they up to?", "Where you been"

Whelp, here we are.

Back with another overview Blog/Check-in Update to share with the greater VoxPop Games community, our amazing Newsletter Subscribers!!

We have been at it recently, from Client updates to new games partnerships, to an exciting new group I would love to chat a bit about, so... Without further ado...

Firstly, our key updates, we have a new 2.2.9 Client update for everyone to now munch on, we have new sweet backend update fixes as well as updates to our External Recommendation links, a new UI for all of your Awesome Public Profiles, and cool new games for everyone to enjoy.

 Your External Links on on your Profile
Share your External Links with the World


We have also established key collaboration with the IMMENZ Esports group, and would like to take this time to formally introduce the all new :

"VoxPop Games and Immenz Esports have partnered up to bring a new genre of competitive gaming to the Esports scene: Indie Competitive Gaming!

Members from the Immenz Esports Stream Team who have been hand picked to represent in this new Esports partnership playing competitive indie games whilst supporting indie developers at the same time on the Twitch streaming platform.

This partnership hopes to break into the Esports scene with indie games being at the forefront of a new genre of gaming never seen in Esports before.

This partnership will take indie gaming to a whole new level, the typical competitive esports genre is about to be rewritten…"

To learn all about our new Esports Indie competitive Team, click Here for Bios and please Follow and support the entire crew

For our third update, I wanted to focus on our some Gaming Events that are coming soon:

For this year's event our Prize Pool has been updated to a $CashApp Purse of $75 USD.

The Grand Champion will be crowned for this year on 4/1/2021, and will be MultiCast LIVE via our VoxPop Games Affiliated Twitch Channel

To sign up for the Event, Download the PC Client, Purchase the Title, Practice, and email &

Another Key Event placement is our very first Indie competitive KNOCK-Out Event, with our VoxPop Indie Competitive Team Streamers going head to head in... KNOCKOUT PARTY

This event is coming very soon so stay tuned to our Socials for the MultiCast!

Finally, We have a brand new Spring Gameplay trailer for everyone...

We reached out to an amazing Independent Creator, Hessam

Please support this supremely talented Musician: Here

This is the Spring 2K21 Theme Song for VoxPop! (Hessam - Kiss Your Heart GoodBye)

We have a LOT more announcements coming in the next few days, some VERY VERY cool things in the pipeline!!

Until next time-

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