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Guardians Open Invitational 2K21 RULES

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Heya Friendos!

Our second annual, worldwide Guardians of Lodino Forest Tournament is right around the corner...

2021 Open Invitational Trailer - ft. Music by Hessam (When 4Ever Has Gone By)



Our 2nd annual Guardians Open Invitational will take place on April 1st, 2021, at 3p.m. EST / 7p.m. GMT LIVE on via Twitch - - Follow our Page for the MultiStre.AM

  • Get your CashApp's setup

  • Sign-Up for VoxPop:

  • Download PC Client Platform:

  • Support the Creator & Developer Adrien Dittrick by purchasing the Title - (You can also search the Platform's user directory for your favorite streamer, and purchase via their Recommendation Page - i.e. GRINGOjr's Recomendations)

  • Connect with Holly and/or Marc via Discord, email, carrier pigeon, etc., to state your intention to live stream at the allotted time of Thursday April 1st, 2021, at 3p.m. EST / 7p.m. GMT

  • Our current MAX player cap is 16, we currently have 8 slots filled with 8 available, so JOIN SOON.

  • Players will have 90 minutes during the event, starting at 2:45pm 3p.m. EST / 7p.m. GMT SHARP, to engage in a score at zeroed out

  • Players can restart runs with the new tournament-ready build 1.03 currently found on the VoxPop Client

Max Score is ZERO, meaning there is a way for players to get a total tally of no deaths, and no Strokes placed against there final tally.

The player with the lowest score will win the GRAND PRIZE $CASHAPP purse of $75 USD. The CASH is yours for the taking!!!

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