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GOLF is Officially on Steam!!

Hey Everyone!

I’m here to talk about a recent release that we had on Steam, Guardians of Lodino Forest! Otherwise known as G.O.L.F. The game was developed by Adrian Detrick, who we have worked closely with since our launch. Adrian has many games on the VoxPop Store, including G.O.L.F., Prep School Horrors, and Curse of the Eastern God.

Guardians of Lodino Forest is an arcade-like bullet hell golf game. Which is just as insane as it sounds. Players must shoot the ball until they deplete its health bar, after which they are able to slam the alien golf ball towards, or hopefully into, the hole.

While we have worked with Adrian in the past, this is the first time Adrian has taken advantage of our new middleware toolset. We helped Adrian get the game from VoxPop onto Steam. This opens up a new audience to be exposed to Adrian's games, and with that, comes an additional revenue source. This feature of our toolset also isn’t just limited to Steam, we can also help developers get their game onto platforms like the Epic Game Store, and

Getting your game onto other platforms isn’t the only feature of our new middleware tools either, it also helps small game developers and contractors with other features. For example, game developers can portion a percentage of their games revenue for contractors that help them with their game.

These contractors can do anything from programming to concept art. Contractors also benefit from this system as they can find projects to work on for a few months, and then just forget about them. Contractors can either hold onto their revenue percentage OR they can cash out immediately if they need their money fast.

VoxPop’s middleware platform is trying to revolutionize the ways that games are made. The VoxPop platform itself helps developers spread the word about their game, through dozens of small content creators playing their games.

This helps developers save money on advertising. The middleware tools from VoxPop will help developers get their games made without having to pay contractors upfront. This will help developers save on both development time and money. Plus, we will help you get your game onto different platforms to increase your potential revenue streams.

We hope you all check out G.O.L.F.! We have already created two “how to” videos for the game, so make sure you check them out here. If you’re an indie developer and looking to get involved with VoxPop, make sure to sign up and reach out to us! We are always looking for more indie developers to collaborate with. We hope you are all having a happy and healthy week!

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