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Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Good Day, Everyone:

I know that we have been a bit radio silent, over the past few weeks, but I want to reassure everyone, that it has been for good measure.

The entire VoxPop Games Team has been working diligently on our Full Platform Beta release, slated to go wide, in the next few weeks:

We've welcomed new partners, Developers & Content creators, and we have been trying effectively to spread awareness about the Platform's offerings through many major social media channels and at Gaming Conferences.

We exhibited and expanded business development on the PAXEast 2020 Show-floor:

We also had a two-part PODCAST go wide with the JustJoshing' cast audience this past weekend, both parts can be found by clicking on the photo below or at the following link:

Our team's efforts have also been featured in the March 2020 International Game Developers Association (IGDA) Newsletter, as #IGDANYC Chapter Partners

(Click on Photo below for redirect link with VoxPop games coverage)

All of these great and amazing developments and with more and more set for release and promotions.

I wanted to kick this short burst blog, to let our Signees know we have not forgotten about this Blog section, in fact we will be using it more and more as we approach BETA, for more postings and a few cool introductions and profiles of our CORE TEAM.

Be Sure you join our Platform Discord Server at the following Static INVITE LINK below:

With this last bit, I wanted to Thank All of our amazing followers, streamers, devs, friends, family, children, pets, for working with us to spread brand awareness for VoxPop Games, Inc.

Until next time, Dear Gamers,


-M Co-Founder; Chief Operating Officer VoxPop Games, Inc.

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