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VoxPop Games @ Global Game Jam NYC 2020

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Good Day, Everyone!

Over the weekend, Charles and I had the honor of participating in the

A worldwide event that takes place every year, where various groupings of Independent Game Developers gather, in order to craft a solid playable game in 48 hours.

We met exciting and amazing artists from all around the world and made fantastic connections with unique personalities, and everyone seemed extremely excited and interested in what the VoxPop Games platform will bring to the table in the coming weeks.

We had great social media outreach and interaction from throughout the duration of the event:

We also worked to build and craft a new playable indie game, while teaming with with an exciting new indie game dev crew called the "END ALL GAME COLLECTIVE"

We aided them in finishing and subsequently submitted a game entitled:


You can find more details about the game below:

This year's NYC Game Jam site was the overall second largest showing and submission rate from among thousands worldwide and the NY Jam came in only second to Cairo, Egypt in scale and submitted titles with over 90 games created.

The NYC GameJam 2020 event winners are as follows:

The Full list of playable NYC GameJam 2020 Games can be found below:

This was a great showing for the New York Indie Game Dev scene and cross networked into many opportunities for VoxPop Games as a platform here on the East Coast.

We will be working tirelessly with the Playcrafting Expo team over the next few months to get speaking panel placement and inquire about possible sponsorship opportunities for VoxPop Games at NYC's biggest Independent Game expo, PLAYNYC this coming August.

Until next time,

Catch ya later.

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