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Get Ready for the Ultimate Outer Terror Gaming Experience: Console Release dropping on April 12th!

Updated: Apr 17

The New York Game Awards 2024 “Best Hidden Gem” Nominee Inspired by Classic 80s and 90s Grindhouse Horror is Coming to PlayStation 4/5, Xbox X/S, and Switch.

VoxPop Games Inc. has announced the indie horror hit  Outer Terror is coming to consoles April 12th,2024. Released on PC last year to critical acclaim, Outer Terror was most recently nominated by the New York Video Games Critics Circle as the year’s “Best Hidden Gem” and will be VoxPop’s first game to arrive on consoles. Outer Terror will be available on Xbox X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and the Nintendo Switch.

Outer Terror is a testament to VoxPop’s commitment towards elevating indie developers to greatness and we are so proud to bring this tremendous indie hidden gem crafted by Salt & Pixel to the wider purview of home entertainment consoles and an entirely new global audience.” said Marc Anthony Rodriguez, co-founder & COO of VoxPop Games, who served as Executive Producer for Outer Terror. “Expanding on our new publishing partnership with Ratalaika Games, this will be the first VoxPop Games property on consoles and we couldn’t be more excited. As we level up our new middleware platform, our university initiative, our publishing capabilities, we welcome all partnerships with new and up & coming studios and independent game makers who know they have something special and want VoxPop to enhance their voices.”

Watch the Outer Terror console coming soon trailer: here 

Download the Outer Terror press kit: here 

In Outer Terror you’ll choose from 10 unique survivors each with their own persona tied weapons and special skill attacks to rage through relentless waves of otherworldly terrors. Whether playing solo or co-op, each playthrough of Outer Terror will give players a different experience with randomized weapons and upgrade choices, enemy patterns, and areas of the map. You thought that safe zone would be in the same spot as last time? Think again, you’ll have to slaughter your way through enemies to find it with each playthrough.

The game is packed to the gills in Lovecraftian evil. It’s brutal, campy and surreal. It’s a well-crafted homage to the golden age of horror comics and the B-movies of the 80’s and 90’s.  It’s Outer Terror from VoxPop Games and console publisher, Ratalaika Games S.L. are getting ready to knock your socks off. 

Each volume in Outer Terror brings a new storyline and gameplay scenario, with each run, along with increasing difficulty reminding players, DON’T DIE, in what feels as if they’ve jumped right onto the pages of a living comic book. 

Outer Terror will be available April 12 on Xbox X/S, PS4/5, and Nintendo Switch for $9.99 USD.

Outer Terror marks the first console game launch for VoxPop Games’ new peer-to-peer games distribution and development platform, where multiple stakeholders, including the developer, artists, and voice actors, will be paid directly from the VoxPop platform. The middleware toolset VoxPop offers, allows game developers to use equity in their games as an advanced resource for both team profit-sharing and launch marketing.

Features Include:

  • Pixelated bullet hell styled chaos: combine weapons and automatically fire as you wade through unrelenting waves of enemies (best keep moving though or you might go splat).

  • An S+ class/B movie styled cast: choose from 10 survivors reminiscent of classic horror protagonists. Find out how they survived, level up their attributes and teach them new skills to make enemies go splat.

  • Multiple game modes: choose from solo story mode, completing side quests and going at it alone, or play with a buddy in co-op.

  • A constant gorefest: roguelite elements make each playthrough its own bloody adventure with randomized weapon buff pick-ups, upgrade options, maps, and even enemy paths.

  • A classic throwback: play through 5 volumes of stories inspired by classic horror comics and films with boss battles tearing straight out of a Lovecraftian yarn.

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VoxPop Games, Inc., is a New York based game development and distribution platform. VoxPop primarily caters to independent developers who may not have the marketing budget to pursue traditional advertising and hiring as a model.

Developers can use VoxPop to find collaborators using a percentage of their future profits, recruiting everything from programmers and artists to build the game, to influencers and celebrities to promote their products. Meanwhile, contractors can trust that their payments will be backed by a robust, and automated system which will keep their employers’ honest months or years after the project’s completion.

VoxPop is part of the NYC Games Industry Council and collaborates with non-profit groups like the NYC IGDA. VoxPop hopes to disrupt the gaming market by creating systems for smaller content creators to prop up one another.

For more information on Outer Terror follow the game on X (fka Twitter) and join the conversation on Discord.

About Ratalaika Games S.L.

Ratalaika Games S.L. is a video game company focused on porting & publishing great games to the console market. They publish and port games for all consoles including Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. Our main objective is entertainment, so come and play with us!

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