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GamerSky Publishing partners with VoxPop Games for Outer Terror developer feature

Hey Everyone!

Today we wanted to cover VoxPop's coverage over in China, from our new international publishing partners, Gamersky. Over the past few months we've been hard at work getting Outer Terror ready for a Sinosphere release.

The game has finally been released under a new name, Midnight Survivor. GamerSky helped us translate the game into Chinese, which we implemented into the game, on our side. The game supports both traditional and simplified Chinese.

We are super excited to bring Outer Terror to a brand new audience. This release article reminds me so much of our own release cycle over here in the west. The release article covers everything a player may want to know about Outer Terror such as character selection, the different chapters, and how to survive. Check out the article here!

Outer Terror will also be coming to more languages in the near future, and even onto consoles. So keep an eye out for that! I personally am super happy to see the hard work of Brandon, us, and GamerSky come together so that a new audience can experience the horrors of Outer Terror. It was hard work but very worth it in the end.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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