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For those who missed our message in Discord...

Hello, Everyone.

You don’t want to see another one of these posts – I get it.

I mean, I use Reddit too; I’ve seen all the memes, for example, of people taking companies like Activision to task for supporting #BlackLivesMatter now, but suppressing discussion of past human rights issues such as the Hong Kong protests. I understand many people will see this message and feel inherently suspicious as to our motivations. If I’m being honest, that fear of being misunderstood is one of the reasons we dragged our feet a bit to put this out. Hell, half the people advising us told us to simply say nothing, and wait for the controversy to blow over. And maybe that would work for a different business…

But our name is “VoxPop,” damn it. We can’t be “Voice of the People” if we stay silent while other people cry out.

I know you’re sick of brands jumping on social movements for the sake of their bottom line. But we aren't some giant corporation - we are a group of 5 people. When we make a decision like this, it doesn’t come with the benefit of years of market analysis or focus testing. It doesn’t come with assurances for how backlash might affect our image.

That means I can say unequivocally, with confidence, that we, as individuals, condemn the violence that has fallen on our fellow Americans; we condemn discrimination and inequality in all its forms; we condemn a system that would allow a seemingly endless series of viral murders to go completely unaddressed for years.

Not as a company.

Not as a brand.

But as five normal people, just as confused and scared as you.

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