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Closed Beta Sign-Ups are now live!

As you all remember, VoxPop's Closed Beta launches on April 20th - less than a week from now! As of this morning, our sign-up page is now live!

If you're interested in being one of the first adopters of VoxPop, sign-up right away! We're caping downloads to the first 500 users, so please, hurry!

The usual disclaimers apply, of course. Since this is our beta, we're making a lot of rapid changes and doing a lot of bug tests. Things may not be 100% stable at first, but with your help, we'll make VoxPop the best that it can be! Please be a little patient with us!

If you'd rather wait for Release, or, if you just didn't make it, stay tuned - we'll have more announcements shortly!

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