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Blog Update: New Job Listing!

Great Day, Everyone:

We are hoping everyone is enjoying their post-Christmas Holiday festivities.

Our goal to provide a brand new Voice and an amazing Games platform for our Independent Developers, Streamers and users, shows no signs of slowing down!

VoxPop Games is searching for a new team member, to serve as our new platform's

Software Engineer.

You can find more details about the role by clicking on this link:

We have a few key items we would like to hammer on for this specific role:

Hard Skill Requirements

Fluency in web back-end Java, Fluent in front-end web (HTML/CSS/JS), and familiar with windows programming (C++/C#)Familiarity with Electron, mySQL and the Git Command LineExperience using Linux, preferably Debian/Ubuntu(Optional) Familiarity with Executable Compression (AKA, software packers)(Optional) Familiarity with BitTorrent, and P2P computing

This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of a new revolution!

We want the very best for our applicants, looking for a chance to shake things up, in the best way possible.

Best wishes from all of us to all of our followers prepping for this New Year.

2020 is poised to bring amazing new experiences for us all!



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