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And Now a Word from Our Social Media Manager

Hey there! Holly here with my first blog post -- and with good news to boot!

As you know, our Beta launch is right around the corner. And to show you how much we appreciate your support, we’re giving all who sign up a chance to get a randomly selected free copy of one of three fabulous games! (psst - this is the link > ). Act quickly, though, as we’re only giving these away to people who sign up before Beta Launch Day. And if you’ve already signed up, you’re all set!

The first of the 3 games you may receive with your Beta pass is Guardians of Lodino Forest, or G.O.L.F., by Adrien Dittrick! G.O.L.F. is a game about shooting an armed golf ball into submission and then striking it for a hole in one. For this task, you are equipped with the Lodino rifle: a hybrid between a golf club and an assault rifle.

The second game you could get is ATTACK MOUNTIAN’s QUACK ATTACK 1985:TURBO DX EDITION -- a game in which you collect eggs in a variety of extreme and overwhelming game modes.

And lastly, (but not least-ly) is Egg is Broken. Heart is Too. In this game you are a chicken. Break into a restaurant kitchen and rescue your precious baby egg from the clutches of evil, hungry humans. You can do it. You have the power of motherly love.

So, there you have it, folks. With the prospect of getting any of these games for free, it would be silly not to sign up for our Beta release. Hope to see you all there if I don't catch you sooner in the Discord!

<3 Holly

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