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An update!

Hello Everyone,

Charles here again.

We here at VoxPop want to thank you again for joining our indie movement, and assure you once again that we are hard at work bringing the platform up to spec. We were touched to receive so much amazing support in the last few days. Especially in these uncertain times. We predict a quick end to this hiatus – you’ll hear from us again soon!

In the meantime, to show our gratitude to this amazing community, VoxPop is running a game giveaway! For your chance at winning one of three awesome indie games, all you need to do is register at Already registered? Then you’re already entered!

Once again, we want to apologize for the unexpected delay. The pandemic has hit us like everyone else. But like a phoenix rising from its ashes, with your help, VoxPop will come back: bigger, and better than ever!

See you all soon,

Charles Yu

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