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Every voice matters.

We at VoxPop know that funding, and uncertainty, are the biggest killers in indie games. All of a game's value is locked behind release, meaning you are stuck pumping in cash for months or years.

VoxPop's Profit-Sharing tools can help you use your future revenue to build now. Here's how it works:

Invest in Your Future

Instead of paying collaborators with cash, give them a percentage of your earnings! Whenever the game gets released, everyone will get paid in dividends after each sale.


In WEAPONEER you wield your sword and try to make your way back home. Control your character with two buttons and fight your way through 90+ levels of retro platforming. Proceeds from the purchase of this title go directly to the AbleGamers charity organization. The game was developed by solo-dev PLUG_WORLD and was VoxPop's first published game to hit Steam.  


OUTER TERROR is an all-new hyper minimalist stylized gameplay loop with advanced roguelite elements. Each player chooses from 10 suvivors with various weapons and skills to battle against unending waves of otherwordly creatures. The game was developed solo-dev, Salt and Pixel, and has been featured in both Game Informer and Game Developers Magazine. 


Inspired by old-school platformers, Loppy: Planet Hopper has aliens, bakers, alien bakers! Three bakers, named Loppy, Evlie, Myah, and a janitor named Studart, who work at the GoGo Bakery in Polaris City, set out on a search for a rare ingredient for a special requested cake, and to stop an evil corporation, Rang Tang INC, from using its powers for pure evil and from conquering every planet known to man (...or alien)!


Our Games

VoxPop's middleware tools powers these indie games. Whether for finding collaborators, or finding an audience, VoxPop's profit-sharing tools - along with our own help and expertise, help pave the way to success!

Tranquil Garden: Adventurers Edition is a personable, easy-to-pick-up RPG with a Character-Driven Narrative that places you in control of Juniper the Hunter, accompanied by Cedar the Archer and Lily the Hero. And this new, definitive version of the game puts your journey in a whole new perspective!


Disaster Golf is a new, fast-paced take on golf that requires you to react on the fly. Experiment with many combinations of natural disasters to navigate the golf ball through wild and diverse courses as fast as you can! The game, originally Bradley University Game Design class of 2022's capstone, was worked on post-graduation by a core group of students, who formed the Hippo Havoc development team.


This is Guardians Of Lodino Forest (G.O.L.F. for short); a surreal need to play experience, an amazing hybrid sports action-adventure rhythm game about shooting an Armored series of giant golf ball boss Guardians into submission and then striking them back into their lair for a hole in one!


Concrete Visions is a first-person psychological thriller video game with survival horror, FPS and beat’em up elements. There are two main components to the gameplay - melee / lite arms combat and environmental exploration as you strive to survive the night.

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