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Because you want to change the games industry.

Because you're tired of seeing crappy DLC and micro-transactions being tacked onto an endless series of reboots and sequels. Because it's sad to see your favorite streamers fall by the wayside and they don't have as many followers that their hard work truly deserves. Because you're happy to see creative indie games finally get some spotlight, and you want to support those kinds of awesome, amazingly artistic productions.

But if you've gotten this far, I'm going to assume you're already on board with all that, so lastly is this:

Because we need your help to make it a reality.

The solutions we pedal aren't much without people. If you want to see the industry change, you can start by supporting us!

Why sign up for VoxPop?

Nothing! If you don't want it to.

All users who sign up will be notified when the platform is live, but that's it.

Our solemn promise is this: we will never distribute, sell, or take advantage of any data you provide to us here. It's fundamentally against our goals of reform.

Neither is leaving your email a promise to join our platform - feel free to leave your email if you support what we're trying to do, even if you don't personally want to join.

That being said, we do encourage you to sign up for our newsletter. Our goal isn't to spam you with every tiny shred of news that happens, but rather, to let you know what we are doing to make our vision a reality.

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What happens to my info?

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