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VoxPop Client Update 1.8.6 - 12.17.2020

Good Day, Everyone:

It’s been a while, I know.

The entire VoxPop Games Team has been pushing since late October to provide everyone with our most robust Game Update since our push from Closed to Open Beta back in July.

As many of our core users will realize we have jumped from 1.4.2 all the way to 1.8.6, which encompasses a slew of bug fixes, core API and Electron client upgrades, new tools for Developers, and new fun features for our Gamers.

Below is our deep dive -

First big thing: we support Game demos now!

This means, all VoxPop Platform Developer Partners who have demo builds, please send them directly to Holly & myself and we'll get them on the store. - /

You can find all available demos under your “My Games” tab on the left side of the client. They'll automatically fill in there as they're added to the store, so check there regularly!

Second big thing!: Platform Developer Partners can now edit the amount of profit share they're giving out to users who buy and recommend their games. This is more control for Developers to engage with Streamers and Content Creators who advocate for their games.

VoxPop Platform Developer Partners: Go to any game of yours via your Developer Profile and press the button in the top right corner to begin re-working your incentives.

Holly has switched up the the streamer bounty board channel to be simply a "bounty board" where you can still advocate your titles to get streamers to stream your game, but also announce if you have a promotional high profit share for a specific time duration to increase the chance of visibility from our amazing Streamer Affiliates and Sponsored Partners. In the future, we will have it listed outwardly on the games so it's easier for users to know.

Big bug fix Changlist item:

You can now download a game and leave the game downloading and continue looking around the store without the download stopping or breaking anything!

Plus lots of other minor bug fixes that should make things run a bit smoother.

Full v1.8.6 Changlog below:

Ensure game downloads don't end when leaving game page - Major Feature Update

Developers can control and change percentage payouts - Profit Sharing - VoxPop Developer Feature

Creation and prop of New Demo Page - Major Client Feature Update

Alignment in My Games gets weird if there are an odd number of games recommended - Minor Fix

Correct About Me, to be able to prop details without having to prop Avatar at the same time - Minor Fix

Games that are owned, and selected from store are showing logic to re-purchase - Minor Fix

Update IO Suspended messaging – Minor

Registration menu bug - Minor Fix

Additional Back End Client VP Staff fixes and API Updates

As always...

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