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How the indie nightmare, CONCRETE VISIONS, is helping students achieve their dreams.

DOSMan Games is the first to join VoxPop’s new student initiative, with their indie horror FPS – now available for purchase on Steam.

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK - CONCRETE VISIONS, the PS1 era throwback first-person horror, has released worldwide on PC Steam today.

CONCRETE VISIONS is a psychological thriller with survival horror, FPS and beat’em up elements. The game is heavily influenced by games such as Condemned: Criminal Origins and Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy, all wrapped up in nostalgic, PS1 inspired graphics.

Unlike most horror shooters, gameplay is heavily focused on melee combat and environmental exploration as players strive to survive the night. Concrete Visions aims to combine a disturbing photo sourced lo-fi atmosphere with fresh, unique mechanics to create an endlessly replayable gameplay experience for retro FPS fans.

Following 2024’s Disaster Golf, CONCRETE VISIONS is the latest title to be built using VoxPop’s profit-sharing model, and the first to participate in its new student initiative. Students from Bradley University will be joining the DOSMan Games team to help with sound design, graphic design, and QA.

Concrete Visions is a massive step for my game development journey, and hopefully the beginning of a great partnership with VoxPop. VoxPop have helped make the game something I can be very proud of, and working with them is inspiring and exciting.” said Sam Marshall, DOSMan Games, Project Lead.

By bringing in students to assist will smaller scale, indie productions, VoxPop is hoping to help them build out their portfolios and set out on their own game development journeys.

“We aren’t just focusing on game designers: we’re reaching out to students who might never have considered a career in gaming,” explains VoxPop CEO, Charles Yu. “It seems like the humanities are under fire at the moment. More and more, students are being told that their only option for fruitful careers are in STEM. But video games need more than just programmers! They need artists, and writers, and musicians too. We want to reach out to those kids and tell them they have a place here. It can start, here.”

Check out the latest “How-To” Part #2 trailer that details Tips & Tricks on how to survive the Horrors of the Night!

CONCRETE VISIONS  is NOW AVAILABLE,  for just $1.99 USD with a 15% Launch Week Discount -  Purchase and Follow the game today!

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